Woman Chased Out From Home for Her Faith in Madhya Pradesh, India

  February 28, 2012

  Chhattisgarh, Kanker

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

On Feb 28 in Tuthuly, Kanker, Madhya Pradesh, a Christian woman, Satwantin Mandari was chased out from her home and village because of her faith in Christ.

According to reports, Dasrath Mandari forced his wife to leave home and their village after alleged Hindu extremists threatened him that they would ostracize the whole family if his wife continued to believe in Christ.

On the same night, after Satwantini Mandari refused to denounce Christ, her husband along with the extremists drove her out from her home and from the village. The community strictly prohibited her from returning home unless and until she returned to Hinduism.

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