Worship Meetings Stopped in Maharashtra, India

  October 27, 2013

  Maharashtra, Mumbai City

  Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

Christians stopped conducting Sunday meetings in Kalwa, Thane after the Hindu extremists launched a series of attacks against them.

The first attack took place on 6 Oct when the extremists barged into the prayer meeting of Assembly of God Church conducted by the local pastor. The next two Sundays, 13 & 20, the extremists massed up at the church premises, disturbed the prayer meeting and chased the believers away. Again on 27 Sunday, the extremists barged in and pushed believers out from the church and started beating them.

Police arrested five attackers and arranged a compromise between the two parties where the area Christians were allowed to keep the prayer hall but not to conduct prayer meetings in the locality.

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