Young Christian girl and her mother threatened and assaulted for complaining against the assailants in Tamil Nadu

  September 3, 2019

  Tamil Nadu, Vellore

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

  Children, Women

Two Hindutva extremists hold a Ganpathy pooja in the vicinity of a church in Arakonnam village in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Once when they raised their volume with the intention to interrupt the prayers at the church, one of the female congregants who is related to the Hindutva extremists, but practising the Christian faith complained to the police about the disturbance caused by her brothers in law. The police came to the spot of the incident and seized their sound equipment and warned the Hindutva extremists to keep the volume at a moderate level. Enraged by this, they threatened the woman and beat her daughter with an iron coil and chased her down the road. The young girl ran to the church for refuge. Their church pastor helped them file a police complaint against the perpetrators at the Nimili police station. An FIR has been registered.


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